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Wildlife plush are life-like stuffed animals that represent every corner of the globe. It's for this very reason, they're so popular with children. From unusual and lesser known animals like the anteater, to the always endearing monkey, there is something for everyone.

The attention to both detail and realism over the years to wildlife plush, has been significant and as a result, they are more in demand than ever. Some wildlife plush can even be found in puppet form which opens up an entirely new world of play for a child. Puppets are toys that both engage and delight children of all ages and help encourage imagination and improve concentration. With the fascination they hold for them, puppets can often assist in helping a child overcome their shyness. In addition, puppets are often used by therapists so that children that have been traumatized, can feel more secure in opening up and expressing their feelings.

In popular culture, the term 'wildlife' refers to animals that have remained untouched by anything to do with human factors, though most scientists believe that human activities around the world has impacted wildlife in one way or another. Wildlife is made up of all non-domesticated plants and animals and can be found in all ecosystems rain forests, deserts, and plains. There are even a number of urban sites which can boast a wide variety of wildlife (not always with great pleasure, however). Children often come into contact with wildlife when they visit zoos and animal parks; they may even be lucky enough to see some of it in their own backyard. Television and movies are also responsible for exposing children to many species of wildlife, thus combined with their real-life 'experiences,' they typically will ask for wildlife plush so as to have reminders of their favorites.

Various governments and organizations around the world are involved in and responsible for wildlife matters. This includes the protection and management of different species of migratory birds, wildlife habitat, and endangered species. In addition, they conduct research on wildlife issues which nationally affect their countries and the world. For promotional purposes, wildlife plush are often used to bring awareness to a particular species. For example, the WWF (World Wildlife Fund), is one of the leading conservation organizations around the world and their website boasts a number of wildlife plush that can be purchased when an 'adoption' is made of one the endangered animals in the world (such as tigers and panda's).

Wildlife plush are not just cute and cuddly stuffed animals they serve as a constant reminder of just how important their existence is to the planet. While children benefit from hours of play and constant companionship with their wildlife plush, they also serve as ambassadors to the world that we all play an important role in their survival.
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Adorable Wildlife Plush Animals

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This article was published on 2010/10/06