Wildlife tours are no less than temple tours

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Are you one of those who think that taking a visit to temples or floating around in a boat in some river is better than taking a wildlife tour? If you answered yes, you might be mistaken. You might not have taken a tour of wildlife to take a look at the various moods of human being.

No wonder, most of the people think that there is nothing to be seen in the wildlife tours! But this is not the truth. There is lot to be seen if you take a close look at all the adventure tours. India is famous for the diversities of people, fauna and flora. The latter diversity is quite evidently shown in the host of wildlife tours offered by HTO India Tour Operators.

The varying climatic conditions have given rise to different ideal conditions for various animals all around the world. This is the reason that no particular animal is found in plenty in Indian dense forests. You may find varieties of fauna in India Tour but none of them are in abundance. It is better to see different things rather than keeping your eye on the quantity.

Once you put your hands on different wildlife sanctuaries in wildlife tour India, you will explore different angles of the wildlife. Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan spreading around 1000 kilometers is proud of preserving tiger species in their forest areas. This eastern part of Aravalli range act as an abode to various species like marsh crocodile, leopard, wild boar, chital, jungle cat, monitor lizards and host of others.

The Kaziranga National Park in Assam carrying the speciality of one horn rhino does have other species like Indian Bison, capped langurs, sloth beers, hog deer and pythons. The bird species also await your visit since they are always on the watch in these areas. Birds which you will surely in this region are oriental honey buzzard, grey headed fishing eagle, black shouldered kite and brahminy kite.

Another famous national park is Corbett National Park in Uttaranchal. It is stretched to over 322 sq km. and is known as one of the best protected wildlife sanctuaries of the world. The attractions of these wildlife sanctuaries are Sāmbhar, fox, jackal, chital, and antelopes. They are a pleasure to look at because lay man has mostly heard about and seen only the pictures of these animals. With this opportunity of seeing each one of them live make them feel amazed. They love it.

Experience this experience and you will love it too.

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Wildlife tours are no less than temple tours

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This article was published on 2010/11/30